From North/ Swakopmund

Traveling on the B2 from Swakopmund to Windhoek, you will be able to see the impressive Hohenstein massif after about 65 km, even though it still is another 80 km away. You will be going straight towards it until shortly before Usakos.In Usakos, turn left into D 1935 between police station and post office. You will reach the lodge after 25 km on a gravel road.
Coming from north, you can also take D 1935 to the lodge. From the gate off D 1935, a more comfortable road will take you about 2 km to the lodge.
For a scenically more appealing alternative, use the following road: about 25 km before Usakos, turn into the gravel road D 1930 direction Uis passing Spitzkoppe. After 9 km, take a right turn into D 1927, after another 20 km, turn into D 1935. After approx. 8 km, you will reach the gate.

From Windhoek via Karibib

In Usakos, turn right between post office and police station, then follow the directions above. All roads including those to Spitzkoppe are suitable for regular passenger cars. Hohenstein is the lodge closest to Spitzkoppe (straight-line distance approx. 30 km).

  • Distance from Windhoek: 240 km
  • Distance from Swakopmund: 160 km
  • Distance from Usakos: 25 km
  • Distance from Spitzkoppe: 60 km

GPS Coordinates

Etemba Wilderness Camp
21°27’06.3″S 15°38’08.9″E

Hohenstein Lodge
21°47’12.8″S 15°30’45.8″E


Etemba Airfield
21°27’06.3″S 15°38’08.9″E
Amsl 3503ft / 1068m
length 900ms

Dawib Ost Airfield (Hohenstein Lodge)
21°46’28.3″S 15°30’55.3″E
Amsl 3503ft / 1068m
length 1200ms